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Melbourne’s Fitzroy Gardens

The Fitzoy Gardens is a garden located right next to Melbourne’s CBD and has a long 150 year history. Named after Sir Charles Augustus Fitzroy, it contains a variety of fascinating trees and beautiful flowers as well as a greenhouse.

Finally Tawny Frogmouth!

  Our bird books all say the tawny frogmouth is a common bird in the Melbourne area and I’ve been keen to see it for a while. Whenever we go for a walk in Yarra Bend Park I always look at trees and point to a small piece of wood sticking up, believing that I’ve […]

A City Filled with Lorikeets

It wouldn’t be bad birding, if I didn’t comment on how many lorikeets we’ve seen. Now, the number of lorikeets we’ve seen is simply astounding. The other night we were going for a walk in Yarra Bend, and we must have seen at least 50. And they all were rainbow. Now, I have nothing against […]