George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens

Location: Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia

If I could only choose one spot in Darwin to bird, it would be the George Brown Botanic Gardens. As with most botanic gardens, the George Brown gardens have a bunch of different edge habitats that make for pretty easy birding. Of course, this place gains extra points by being one of the top places in Australia for finding the Rufous Owl (Ninox rufa). Now, I know what you’re thinking. Owls? It’s not easy to find an owl. Well, I’m here to tell you that it actually is easy here, for three reasons. First, we found it.

Rufous Owl – The most recent sighting on eBird at the time of this writing is August 18, 2019

Second, there is a big notebook in the visitor center where people write down where they last saw the owl. Some people even draw diagrams. So, go here to find the owl. (The visitor center also has a printed sheet of the most common birds you can find, and makes for a fun additional checklist to fill out.) Third, a more experienced birder than us just told us where it is. Haha.

Now, apparently, the Barking Owl is also frequently sighted here but we did not see that.
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