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American Robin eats snacks

I found this American Robin in the grass today. It was quite dark so the image quality is degraded a little and required some work to remove the noise. However, I am posting it anyway because I think it is cool that it has so many snacks in its beak: worm(s?), a green grub, and […]


Here is an American Tree Sparrow: While the Tree Sparrow is quite visible in this shot, it is easy to see how well it is also camouflaged in this environment. American Tree Sparrows can be seen later in the spring when there is little snow on the ground, but perhaps this camouflage indicates that it […]

Ring-billed Gull

Here is a Ring-billed Gull I saw a few days ago (Larus delawarensis) enjoying the breeze. The Ring-billed Gull is probably the most common gull in Canada and in fact, Canada and the northern United States is its breeding range. They migrate as far down as Mexico in the winter.

What do birds do when it is hot?

American Robin was feeling too hot and so he opened his mouth, allowing more ventilation into his body. He would like to stay in the shade, but sometimes he realizes that there is more food in the sun. He seems okay. Song Sparrow likes to feed near shallow water. Insects like to come near the […]

House Sparrows and broods

Obviously, I am talking a lot about the House Sparrow. That’s because these days I sit and watch them out the window. In our last post, I told a little story of how our House Sparrow mates were building a nest to lay eggs. After I wrote that, I saw a juvenile: Beside that juvenile […]

The House Sparrows start a family

As you might be aware from reading earlier posts this month, I have been observing two House Sparrows outside my window throughout the day. Here is the female: And here is the male: Recently, they’ve been mating: Now, the male House Sparrow is collecting materials for a nest: He even has found some tissue paper […]

Nankeen Night Heron and Sparrows

Today, a male Cardinal came to visit. I feel he was the same as the one I posted yesterday. I can’t be sure. I didn’t get to photograph him this time. Of course, I took a few shots of the House Sparrow that I will show today. Since you might want to see something different […]