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Here is an American Tree Sparrow: While the Tree Sparrow is quite visible in this shot, it is easy to see how well it is also camouflaged in this environment. American Tree Sparrows can be seen later in the spring when there is little snow on the ground, but perhaps this camouflage indicates that it […]

8 Guidelines for ethical birding

If you love birds, you should want to protect them and prevent harm towards them. Therefore, I present eight tips to follow for ethical birding: Don’t use call playback! Especially during certain times, birds are hard at work building nests and defending territories. Call playback can make them waste valuable energy in defending against a […]

Why do birds stand on one leg?

If you’ve spent any time observing birds, you might have noticed that some birds like to stand or rest on one leg, often for extended periods of time. Why do birds assume this unipedal posture? As humans, we would find it quite hard to balance on one leg, which probably makes us that much more […]

Help survey King Island this November

King Island is a small island off the northwest point of Tasmania. From the Birds of King Island: 7th-10th November, 2019 ‚Äč Haven’t been to King Island yet, or would like to return? Come and join us in November and give us a hand with data collection on the beautiful King Island. You won’t just […]

The most common bird name adjectives

Bird names in their common form usually have the following syntax: (adjective) (bird-type noun). For example: Sulphur-crested Cockatoo, Grey Catbird, Australian Pelican. There are of course a few exceptions like Emu. For the birds that do have adjectives in their name, what are the most common adjectives that occur in the adjective part? If you […]