Help survey King Island this November

King Island is a small island off the northwest point of Tasmania. From the Birds of King Island:

7th-10th November, 2019

Haven’t been to King Island yet, or would like to return?

Come and join us in November and give us a hand with data collection on the beautiful King Island. You won’t just see lots of birds, including the 9 King Island subspecies and most of the Tasmanian endemics, in spring you also experience the wonderful wildflowers that adorn the island.
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The most common bird name adjectives

Bird names in their common form usually have the following syntax: (adjective) (bird-type noun). For example: Sulphur-crested Cockatoo, Grey Catbird, Australian Pelican. There are of course a few exceptions like Emu. For the birds that do have adjectives in their name, what are the most common adjectives that occur in the adjective part?

Black Bittern: Black is the most common adjective in bird names in their common form. Spotted in Australia in Kakadu National Park on the Yellow Water.

If you take the IOC list for example, here are the top 100 starting with the most common:

  1. black : 101 birds
  2. gray : 78 birds
  3. african : 72 birds
  4. lesser : 71 birds
  5. common : 66 birds
  6. white-throated : 66 birds
  7. brown : 65 birds
  8. little : 64 birds
  9. great : 63 birds
  10. spotted : 63 birds
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