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Nankeen Night Heron and Sparrows

Today, a male Cardinal came to visit. I feel he was the same as the one I posted yesterday. I can’t be sure. I didn’t get to photograph him this time. Of course, I took a few shots of the House Sparrow that I will show today. Since you might want to see something different […]

A visit from a Cardinal

Today a beautiful bird came to my window, a male Northern Cardinal (Cardinalis cardinals). I only had time to take a quick shot through a window, and the composition is not very artistic. However, in the mouth of this cardinal you can see a dragon/damselfly. I consulted the literature to see if I could find […]

Cape Barren Geese and House Sparrow

I saw my House Sparrow friend again today. But I know I have been posting a lot of pictures of the same house sparrow, so I will first show you a blast from the past, of Cape Barren Geese in Australia from November 27, 2017: Now, the male House Sparrow from today, partially hidden within […]

The female House Sparrow

Before I said that the female House Sparrow seemed to be more shy. Today she came to same branch that I saw the male on yesterday. She was preening and looking around a little.

My House Sparrow friend again

Today, my friend House Sparrow returned. He keeps sitting on the same few branches, day after day. Sometimes the female comes nearby, but not as often and she is more shy.

Nice house sparrows

Today I saw two beautiful House Sparrows. These species are not native to North America but were introduced first in 1851 in New York. They can be seen widely outside their native range now. I believe I have seen this above male many times. Earlier it was bringing food, perhaps to a nest and his […]

Sleep and migration in White-crowned Sparrows

White-crowned Sparrow (Zonotrichia leucophrys) is a small sparrow in the Passerellidae family. It has a huge range across North American all the way from the northern tips of Alaska and Canada where it breeds to its wintering range in Central America. A 2004 study by Rattenborg et al. [1] studied sleep in White-crowned Sparrows. They […]

Our Global Big Day 2020 Results

Global Big Day is a huge day in birdwatching for some reason. Everyone goes out and tries to find as many birds as they can. We visited three sites today for global big day (one of the sites with a brief second visit) so we got four eBird eligible checklists. We did not see anything […]

Species: Purple Martin

What is the Purple Martin? The Purple Martin (Progne subis) in a very unusual swallow in the family Hirundinidae and order Passeriformes. It is a beautiful bird that subsists on insects, flying through the air catching them on the wing.