Some recent June 2020 birds

I finally got a shot of the juvenile House Sparrow I’ve been seeing through my window. The adult female is behind.

A male Mallard flaps its wings after stepping out of the water

A European Starling, an invasive species, feeds in the grass

“What are you doing on my rock?” Asked the Ring-billed Gull

Cormorants, Mallards, and Canada Geese

A Barn Swallow. Right now, these adult Barn Swallows are flying around, catching food for their young in their mud nests

Double-crested Cormorant is drying off before going back for another swim

I believe this is a kind of crayfish. It is not a bird, but a crustacean somewhat like a small lobster. I found this one on the sidewalk. It is one of the food sources of the Ring-billed Gulls seen in this post. At first, I thought it was dead, but it was actually stunned! A gull must have dropped it, because the gulls frequently fly out of the water with their catch and eat it in this area. I gave it a little nudge with a stick and it started walking! I carefully wrapped it in my sweater and threw it back in the water. Perhaps it was eaten then by a gull, or perhaps it survived.

Unfortunately the crayfish in the mouth of this gull is about to become dinner. Well, actually it’s just a piece of a crayfish. I think the other pieces are already in this gull or even another gull (they fight sometimes over food)

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