Monthly Archives: April 2020

Kakadu’s Angbangbang Billabong

Angbangbang Billabong (eBird Barcharts, official site) in Kakadu National Park (Darwin, NT, AU), is not as flashy as the Yellow Water Cruise or Fogg Dam just east of Darwin. However, it has some advantages over those places and you just can’t go to Kakadu without also checking out Angbangbang Billabong. It even has some birdwatching […]

Book review: Kaplan and Roger’s “Birds: Their habits and skills”

There is quite a difference between birdwatching and the study of avian or bird biology. While there is great overlap in principle, birdwatching is about finding birds and bird biology is about finding out how birds work, or what makes a bird tick by doing scientific experiments. “Birds: Their habits and skills” by Gisela Kaplan […]

Ottawa’s Andrew Haydon Park

Andrew Haydon park, name after the first mayor of Nepean, is quite an unusual place. It is rather urban, being in one of the older parts of the city of Ottawa, and yet it has many more bird species than you might expect. It is not even very large, consisting of a small path, a […]

Jamaica’s Green Castle Estate

If I had to make a list of my top ten birding sites, Green Castle in Jamaica would be on that list. I admit, after the first few days in Jamaica, I was a little let down because of some of our intial difficulties there. However, when we got to Green Castle, I became ecstatic. […]

Jamaica’s Ecclesdown Road

Ah, Ecclesdown Road. This is one of the harder to reach birding locations. However, it is one of the best locations to go in Jamaica for the highest number of endemics. It is basically a road through part of the more mountainous regions of Jamaica. There are a couple of caveats to this place. First, […]

Melbourne’s Fitzroy Gardens

The Fitzoy Gardens is a garden located right next to Melbourne’s CBD and has a long 150 year history. Named after Sir Charles Augustus Fitzroy, it contains a variety of fascinating trees and beautiful flowers as well as a greenhouse.

Victoria’s Dandenong Ranges

The Dandenong Ranges is a popular wet temperate forest region only a 50km drive from Melbourne’s CBD. It is much different than the drier forests of the western regions of Victoria and is well worth a look. Of course, its main highlight is probably the Superb Lyrebird, but there are plenty of other fascinating creatures […]