What is bad birding?

What is bad birding?

I’m so glad you asked. Here’s how you can know if you’re a bad birder:

1) You sleep in and can’t leave the house before noon. Which means you miss all the early morning species and always go birding in the peak of the day.

2) You’re not a senior citizen. Or you’re under thirty-five at heart.

3) You wear bright colours and scare away all the birds, because it’s cold gosh darn it and your windbreaker is yellow and you aren’t getting another one.

4) You hear an unusual bird call in a tree and crane your neck. If you don’t see the bird, you move on after five seconds of neck craning.

5) You are looking so hard for birds that you have mistaken things that aren’t birds for birds. Such things include (but aren’t limited to) rocks, tree branches and bags of dog poo.

6) A bird book recommends Point Addis. Shy albatross guaranteed! Variety of seabirds possible! You visit and see NOTHING. Even after a storm. (Except for new Holland honey eater.)

7) You think red wattle bird is a new species over 20 times. (It looks different depending on the light, I swear.)

8) You see 30 species instead of 1oo at the Western Treatment Plant.

9) You don’t use bird hides because either you can’t find them or there’s nothing interesting in front of them anyway. And you don’t believe in sitting and waiting around for the birds to come out, because you already ate your sandwich.

10) You get tired of birding after a couple of hours and need to do something else.

That being said, we find bad birding rather fun and we invite you to be a bad birder too. Bad birding is much easier than regular birding. Try it! You might never go back to your old methods! 🙂