Book Review: Birds of Ontario by Bezener

I found Birds of Ontario by Andy Bezener at the local public library about a week ago. The book is part field guide and part reference, with one page devoted to each species. Having used various bird guides and books, I found this book to be a very convenient guide for Ontario.

I am very partial to books that give more than just the basic identification and species information. Bezener’s book is one of these because it includes a large paragraph for each species that gives interesting behavioural information not strictly necessary for identification. I have enjoyed reading many of the entries so far.

This book also has a very handy reference guide with small thumbnails at the beginning as well as an introduction to birdwatching. It also contains a small description of some of the most popular sites in Ontario. We will probably find this very useful, as we actually have done the majority of our birding in Australia where we first became interested in birds, and we are only just getting introduced to Ontario.

The book is illustrated by Ted Nordhagen, Gary Ross, and Ewa Pluciennik. Each species has one or (in the case of tricky species) two illustrations. As a guide, I would say that it would be definitive for the majority of species, with only very few sightings needing a second source. It also has the advantage that it concentrates on Ontario, which is more efficient sometimes than consulting a more massive North American guide.

I would recommend this book for anyone who regularly birds in Ontario.

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